An Incredible Journey of Hope and Healing

I never expected that the story of my life would include an angel who sat next to me when I was almost lifeless.

On the morning of September 14, 2015 circumstances collided. It began like any normal morning for my family. It was a carefree, beautiful autumn day—the boys heading off to school with Jason, the girls and I going to look at a puppy.

Our journey began at the break of dawn and my daughters were so excited in the back seat of our minivan. The country road had us driving into the blinding, low morning sun. As we crossed a highway intersection, instantly, our minivan was broadsided by a semi-truck. What started out as a perfect day, abruptly turned into a storm of survival.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle...

Do you ever feel hopeless and think God doesn’t care?

Let me tell you my story, an incredible journey of hope and healing. You will learn He knows your name, and He does care!






Reviewed by Bernadine Fagan

This book is a testament to the power of prayer and to the indomitable spirit of the Kerr family, friends and those who prayed for Shannon’s recovery. It is a “never-give-up” kind of book that inspires and causes one to look inward, to think about their own relationship with Jesus, to reevaluate their own feelings about the journey they are on.  The best part is they come up smiling! I certainly did. We see the hand of God’s abiding love in our joys as well as sorrows. 

I know that those who read this remarkable story will be forever touched by this amazing recovery. It will inspire greater faith. 

Bernadine Fagan
Writer (Of murder mysteries, forheavensakes!)

Reviewed by Janis Barden

Incredible story of healing and faith. One for the whole family to read.

Reviewed by Marie

Great book, very moving!