Jason Accident

February 2nd Jason was cutting down a tree in his back yard using a chain-saw.  As Jason was watching the tree fall, a branch fell and somehow struck him on the head and knocked him out. When he came to, he got his suroudings and with little strenght he was able to walk back to the house, and Shannon was there. Jason had head wounds and needed medical attention, so they went to M Health Fairview Ridges hospital in Burnsville, a CT scans taken showed the significant hemorrhage on one side of his brain, and the other revealed the two places his skull was fractured by the falling branch. With those results the staff determined that Jason needed more intensive care, so he was transported by ambulance to M Health Fairview Southdale hospital. Testing revealed that Jason needed surgery. 




Seeing those images, along with hearing many stories about people who have had similar injuries with much more severe and long-lasting health effects, Jason is so grateful for the Lord’s protection and healing in his own situation. He found the branch in the woods that struck him, and it was quite hefty! (pictured below)