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"This is a powerful journey that challenges our faith while in the fire, and gives us hope knowing that God is moving, even when we don’t see it! Prayer works, and God is real!"

Dan McCauley
Shannon’s brother



"Truly a story of heartbreak and triumph. On that fateful day in September, heaven would not get another angel as Shannon has much to accomplish on Earth. “I will praise you in this Storm.” How many tears did God hold in His hand? His cup must have been overflowing. An incredible unwavering faith walk with no doubt left to the reader that the healing hands of God touch the Kerr’s. The lives that this story has touched across the world is a true testament of faith."

Janis Barden
Science Teacher and Shannon’s Aunt

Reviewed by , 06/06/2019

This is a topic that's close to my heart... Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

Reviewed by Brigg L, 09/11/2018

This brilliantly written book reminds me that it matters not how a person could die, but how the person lives. And, according to the book, Shanno’s real life experience is a testament to such wonderful life in Jesus.

The many experiences by Shannon and her family convinced me that life is eternal, and that love is immortal, and only found in the saving grace of Christ!

Reviewed by Bernadine F, 09/07/2018

This book is a testament to the power of prayer and to the indomitable spirit of the Kerr family, friends and those who prayed for Shannon’s recovery. It is a “never-give-up” kind of book that inspires and causes one to look inward, to think about their own relationship with Jesus, to reevaluate their own feelings about the journey they are on.  The best part is they come up smiling! I certainly did. We see the hand of God’s abiding love in our joys as well as sorrows. 

I know that those who read this remarkable story will be forever touched by this amazing recovery. It will inspire greater faith. 

Bernadine Fagan
Writer (Of murder mysteries, forheavensakes!)

Reviewed by Janis B, 04/21/2018

Incredible story of healing and faith. One for the whole family to read.

Reviewed by Marie , 04/20/2018

Great book, very moving!

Against All Odds

An Incredible Journey of Hope and Healing

I never expected that the story of my life would include an angel who sat next to me when I was almost lifeless. I’ve always been fast on my feet, racing eagerly toward the finish line, facing any competition with gusto. But then came the challenge of a lifetime, stopping me dead in my tracks.

Circumstances collided on September 14, 2015, when a semi-trailer truck broadsided me as I drove through an intersection, with my two daughters seated behind me. What had begun as a bright, cloudless morning abruptly became covered in anguish, and I couldn’t run away from this race.

As I struggled to regain consciousness, countless people upheld me, praying relentlessly. They tell me about the amazingly mysterious ways that Jesus reached out to all of us, restoring my body and instilling hope in our hearts. There are many episodes that I don’t even remember because I was in a coma. And there are other events that none of us can explain.

Against all odds, not only did I come out of the coma, I eventually came to the point where I can run again. God is real—the eternal God is unchangeable in His being, wisdom, power, and goodness. Do you feel hopeless and think that God doesn’t care? He knows your name, and He does care! Let me tell you how much.

Publish Date: 6/11/2018
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback