"This is a powerful journey that challenges our faith while in the fire, and gives us hope knowing that God is moving, even when we don’t see it! Prayer works, and God is real!"

Dan McCauley
Shannon’s brother

"We live in a world that tries to convince us that “realness” comes from only what we see with our natural eyes. Sadly, many of us have believed it. Shannon (and Jason’s) memoir reminds us that when we seek with our spiritual eyes, God will show Himself to us in ways that we never imagined possible, and in ways we are scarcely capable of understanding. This memoir exudes God’ s redemptive and healing power that is available to all who believe—and proof that our worst day can become our greatest testimony."

Katie Moras
Owner, El Bosque Encantado

"This is a story of what looks and feels like to walk the road of faith while believing for the impossible. It is a story of a family whose lives were horribly upended in the blink of an eye and the miracle that so many people got to watch unfold through countless prayers. This book is a beautiful rendering of the faith of a husband, the fight of an incredible woman who refused to give up and the faithfulness of our mighty God.
As someone who walked this road alongside this family and sat at the hospital during some difficult hours, days, and weeks, my life was impacted by the tenacity of the Kerr family, the beauty of a community of friends and the power of prayer through every aspect of life. I pray that those who pick up this book are forever impacted as they read about the lifesaving love, grace, and power of Jesus Christ!"

Justin Mack
Global Project Pastor
River Valley Church
Minneapolis, MN

"This life, both qualitative and quantitative, can be altered in an instant. The Kerr family tragedy reignites the desire to claim healing and to cling to the expectation that God will show up in spite of what reality appears to be. This book is a true story about faith refined, challenged, and strengthened; like glass being formed in the intense heat of fire. Hope and restoration are themes that God himself weaves into this journey, using the known and unknown, to fulfill this modern day miracle."

Kirsten (Kiki) Stapp
Friend and BSN, MS, APRN, CRNA

"The Kerr’s story is profoundly moving. As I read this book I could feel my faith in who God is growing within. Once you start reading this you won’t want to stop. There are moments where things go from bad to worse, but each time God’s faithful hand shows up in a dream, a rainbow, a song, a friend or stranger in the elevator. It is undeniably a God story. The Kerr’s are an incredible picture of God’s ability to give us courage and strength under pressure. You’ll see that in their weakness God’s strength was made perfect."

Ben Markham
Teaching Pastor
Discovery Church Orlando, FL

"Truly a story of heartbreak and triumph. On that fateful day in September, heaven would not get another angel as Shannon has much to accomplish on Earth. “I will praise you in this Storm.” How many tears did God hold in His hand? His cup must have been overflowing. An incredible unwavering faith walk with no doubt left to the reader that the healing hands of God touch the Kerr’s. The lives that this story has touched across the world is a true testament of faith."

Janis Barden
Science Teacher and Shannon’s Aunt

"Everyone, young and old, should read and share with others this incredible true story; it is one of the most heart-wrenching, yet miracle-filled journeys that I never expected to witness and experience. It has forever changed my life and has transformed my thoughts and beliefs about God’s miraculous healing power, constant provision, and the true provider of unexplainable peace during times of desperation and despair. This is a powerful testimony of how a family’s love and support, as well as unabandoned commitment to pray and hold steadfast to God’s promises can bring about unexplainable miracles. Lastly, this story is a showcase of God’s glory, love, and purpose as He shined light through the darkness, answered the prayers of the faithful, and gave hope to the hundreds of thousands that followed along the #TeamKerr journey."

Stephanie Balvin
30-year Lifelong Friend

"A faith inspiring journey about God’s grace and mercy when a family is struck by tragedy that could strike any of us. It’s encouraging to see how family and friends pull together to intercede and watch God’s hand move.

Lead Pastor
Mark Perryman"

"The reality of seeing one of your closest friends on the brink of leaving this world makes you question many things. However the many miracles that I witnessed during this journey made God and all of His promises come to life. Being a witness to the doctor’s prognosis and the reality of what actually happened in this family’s journey has been a tangible example of what God can and is doing in this world. His promises are true. "

Sara Ryal
Accounting Associate at Lewis & Knopf CPAs PC

"The story of the Kerr family is sure to stir your faith and capture your heart. Their courage in the face of adversity is played out page by page in this thrilling account of God’s grace and miraculous healing power. The intensity of this family’s journey can be felt and the clarity of God’s hand can be seen in each chapter. Anyone reading this book will leave it with a better understanding of faith and a better idea of how to practically walk that faith out. God truly took ashes and turned them into beauty in this true-life account of what can only be classified as a miracle. "

David Hasz
Friend of Jason and Shannon

"Shannon’s story belongs to all of us. After all, who hasn’t been profoundly touched by tragedy at some point in our journeys? What make Shannon’s story unique is the relentless hope that she and her family demonstrated, and their courageous trust that inspired a network of thousands! Read this book prepared to be astounded by God’s faithfulness and inimitable ability to bring truth and light to even the darkest circumstances."

Kristi Hedstrom
Family friend and author of Shannon’s CaringBridge page